The Importance Of Maintaining Your Electrical Equipment In Buildings

Whether you are at the helm of a business or simply looking to keep things running smoothly within your own home, the care and maintenance of electrical equipment is paramount.


While some preventative measures and testing might feel a little too cautious, it’s important that these processes are carried out in order to ensure the good working order of all electrical systems.


Here are just a few reasons why electrical equipment maintenance is so important and some ways that you can keep on top of it.




It goes without saying, but a faulty electrical system comes with no shortage of risks that could lead to any number of injuries and may even lead to fatalities.


Around 16% of house fires in the UK are caused by electrical system faults or faults of electrical appliances, whilst electrical system and appliance faults are thought to be the cause of around a third of all workplace fires each year.


Small electrical fires are often the quickest to spread or worsen, too, as they cannot be put out using traditional foam fire extinguishers or extinguished with water. They are often far more complicated to deal with than fires caused by an open flame.


Electrical faults in systems and appliances also leave those using the appliances at risk of electric shocks, many of which are fatal. Every year, an average of 70 accidental electricity-related deaths occur in UK homes, whilst a further 1.2 million people are injured due to faulty electrical systems and appliances.


Regular and thorough preventative maintenance will catch any faults before they are allowed to worsen and hurt anyone as a result.




By regularly testing and maintaining electrical equipment within your commercial or domestic buildings, you are able to identify faults more quickly and effectively.


This will allow you to call on the further services of an electrician to fix the problem before it is able to get much worse.


This is positive for several reasons. For one thing, identifying and fixing the problem quickly will allow to avoid the kind of devastating accidents, injuries and fatalities described above, but there is also financial benefits to catching the problems early.


Often, the repairs of a small electrical fault with a system or appliance will be much quicker, easier and cheaper than the replacement of the electrical system or appliance overall, especially if it’s caught out particularly early on.


Electrical equipment is an incredibly prominent part of the day to day running of any home or business, so being caught needing to replace any electrical equipment entirely could mean shelling out hundreds – sometimes thousands – of pounds at a time. Either that, or you find yourself having to struggle without it until you can afford such high-cost replacements.


By keeping on top of maintaining your electrical equipment, there could be huge financial savings in the long run.


How Can I Keep On Top Of Maintaining My Electrical Equipment?


There are a few different ways that you can ensure that you are maintaining your electrical equipment effectively, allowing you to prevent serious faults.



Dust can have a surprisingly negative effect on the inner workings of some forms of electrical equipment, such as computers, electric cooling and heating systems and other appliances.


By keeping on top of cleaning such equipment, you may avoid the development of these issues. If you are looking to take better care of the electrical equipment within a commercial setting, it may be a good idea to introduce a cleaning rota for these jobs. In a home setting, simply start incorporating these tasks into your usual cleaning routine.


PAT Testing

A PAT test (portable appliance test) is a visual inspection of an electrical appliance, as well as an inspection to see how the appliance reacts once switched on. Appliances and equipment which pass a PAT test are marked with a dated sticker that notifies the business owner of when the next test is due.


If you are a business owner, it’s a great idea to book a PAT test at least once every 48 months – though the required frequency of tests increases in some industries, so be sure to check with your electrician.


Full Electrical Inspection

The most effective way to keep on top of maintaining your electrical equipment and preventing any dangerous and costly faults from developing is to call in a professional electrician to conduct a full inspection.


A qualified electrician – like our team here at Complete Solution Services – will quickly identify any faults and fix them quickly, long before they have the chance to develop or worsen any further.


Here at Complete Solution Services, we offer a wide range of electrical inspections and preventative maintenance on electrical appliances. If any faults are identified, our fully-qualified team of electricians will be able to solve the problem quickly and effectively!


We understand the importance of keeping your electrical equipment in good working order and are on hand to help you in any way we can.


If you are located in or around Sheffield and require any domestic or commercial electrician services, get in touch with Complete Solution Services now and find out what we can do for you.