How Good Lighting Can Transform Your Home

When we’re looking to make our home feel more comfortable, especially in the dark winter months, good lighting is essential. Gone are the days of ‘the big light’ and standard floor lamps being your only options for lighting your home – there are a whole world of new lighting solutions out there that can give your home a lot more character simply through being switched on.

With just a few clever changes to the lighting within your home, you can make it feel just as transformed as if you had updated the interior design of the room itself!

Here are just a few ways that choosing the right lighting can refresh the look and feel of your home this winter.

An Updated Look

Many modern lighting solutions are often a piece of interior decoration in themselves, and can give your home a cool, updated look.

These days, ceiling lighting is available in a wide range of different designs – from glamorous chandeliers that will give your home a more luxurious feel, to the stylish industrial-inspired iron light fittings that are currently at the forefront of modern design.

Wall-mounted lighting has also come a long way in recent years. Wall-mounted light fittings are available in a variety of different shapes, colours, styles and themes, allowing you to cherry-pick the wall-mounted lights that will go best with the rest of the furnishings within your space.

There’s also a much wider range of bulbs available now, with many adding further to the look and feel of the light fitting itself.

Add Personality

The sort of lighting which may once only have been found in business settings such as clubs, bars and restaurants has never been more accessible to those who’d like to introduce similar lighting into their own homes.

Establishments like these often use lighting to add an atmosphere to their space, and now you can do this in your home too!

Get experimental with new styles of lighting – light-up wall art is incredibly popular now, with backlit frames and neon signs. In fact, you can now even have personalised neon signs made up in a design of your choice. Light boxes are also very popular now, as they give your space quite a glamorous, vintage feel – they can also often be personalised and customised easily to feature a variety of different phrases, all suited to you and your home.

Essentially, lighting can be incorporated into a variety of different soft furnishings and art pieces, which will look great during the day but will really ‘shine’ once they’re lit at night!

These fun, quirky finishing touches don’t just add light to your space, but personality, too. Why not have a look around the internet to see all the different art and light features available?

Accentuate Certain Areas

Just as spotlights direct your focus to certain actors on a stage, you can achieve a similar effect using spotlights in your home.

By placing soft lighting solutions around your home, you can highlight your favourite areas of each room. You could uplight your bath, shine light down towards wall art and décor, spotlight certain favourite items on a shelf or install lighting within display cabinets and cupboards.

Not only will this allow you to draw the eye of visitors to your home to your favourite areas of each space, but it will give your space much more even, mixed lighting, too.

Play With Space And Size

Strategically placed lighting can establish the flow of your home and can even give the illusion that you are in a different-sized space.

Blanket lighting – for example, a lighting grid installed within a ceiling – will give the illusion that you are in a brighter, more open space. On the other hand, softer lighting that is positioned in different parts of a room will give your room a much cosier, smaller feel.

By experimenting with different styles, colours, brightness and positions of lighting within your home, you can change the way that the whole space looks and feels. Why not try out different lighting ‘textures’?

Textured lighting is all about layering different kinds of lighting in one room – ceiling lighting, wall lighting and soft lighting all give rooms a completely different feel, so experimenting with different lighting types will give you an idea of how light can be used to transform the feeling and atmosphere of your space.

Added Convenience

There’s no doubt about it – we’re living in the age of the smart home.

If you have a digital home assistant in your house, such as a Google Nest or an Amazon Echo, then you could be missing out on a great opportunity to upgrade the lighting in your home. These days, smart lights are definitely the way forward.

These clever lighting innovations can not only be controlled from your phone but through your own voice, too! They also often come with the ability to set the brightness to however you would like, along with sometimes being able to change the colour of your lighting and set timers for when you would like them to switch on and off.

There’s something disappointing in the winter about coming back from work to a cold, dark home – with smart lighting, you can make sure that your lights are set to switch on before you’ve even walked through the door and into a much cosier, relaxation-ready atmosphere.

At Complete Solution Services, installing smart lighting is just one of many services that we provide, so why not get in touch today?