Five Electrician Services You Need Before Renting Out Your Home

If you’re planning on putting a property out onto the rental market, you may feel it’s a fairly simple process – get someone in as a tenant and charge them rent, responding to issues as and when they arrive. However, deciding to become a landlord leaves you with not just a great deal of risk but a great deal of responsibility, too.

For that reason, it’s important to call on the services of certain contractors before you rent out your home, in order to add certain safety nets for yourself and your tenant that will make the process of renting out your home a lot smoother and more harmonious.

Here are just five of the services that you should seek out from an electrician before renting out your home to new tenants.

Electrical Testing Inspection

The last thing that you want as a landlord is to be responsible for a tenant having an accident caused by faulty electrical appliances and wiring, so it’s incredibly important to make sure that the wiring in your home is safe before letting anyone else move in.

The best way to go about identifying any problems with the electrical appliances and wiring within the home is to call on the services of an electrician to confirm that all electric appliances and wiring are safe for use by the tenants and to identify any problems that could have come about without your knowledge.

While you can easily identify the majority of issues within a home by simply looking closely, that is not the case with electrical faults – and these are also the most dangerous. To avoid disaster, make sure you have the home checked out by an electrician before renting.

Electrical Repairs And Maintenance

Ensure that, whatever issues may have been identified by the electrical inspection, any problems with the home are fixed to a high standard before a tenant is able to move in.

Any good electrician, like the ones who work for us here at Complete Solution Services, will more than likely know how to fix the problems identified, so be sure to secure their services at your earliest convenience. This way, you can have the peace of mind that any of the issues identified can be quickly fixed and made safe for use before you rent out your house to a new tenant.

Sometimes the systems in your home will just need updating and improving in order to make them safer, so don’t hesitate to have this work completed before allowing someone new to move in.

Socket Replacement

One of the most common electrical problems that can occur in your home is damage to plug sockets. This can be a number of different kinds of damage which can occur for a variety of different reasons. One of the most common, and yet most dangerous, is the instance that the prongs of plugs can become detached from the plug and lodged into the plug socket – a serious shock hazard should anyone flick the switch and attempt to plug anything in.

If you have any problems at all with an electrical socket within your home, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you have this fixed before allowing anyone else to move in.

Socket replacement is a task which should, under no circumstances, be carried out by anyone who isn’t a professional, as it comes with a number of different risks and potential for harm. If you think you have an issue with one of the plug sockets anywhere within your home, you should call a professional electrician as soon as possible and have it sorted – certainly long before anyone new moves in, who may not find it quite as easy to remember if certain plug sockets are out of bounds.

Lighting And Electrical Installations

If there are any problems with the built-in lighting within the home, this is another thing to have sorted out before you show anyone else around the home with the potential of moving them in.

A lack of good quality built-in lighting will likely put off potential tenants during viewings, so be sure to have such issues fixed in order to have your home meet the standards of those who are looking to rent it out.

You should make sure that every room in the house has a built-in ‘big light’ which is in good condition. This is also a good opportunity to make sure that any ‘spot’ lighting in your kitchen or bathroom is working properly, too.

Landlord Safety Certificates

Finally, all landlords are required by law to have a landlord safety certificate in their possession before moving a new tenant into the home. This should be presented to all new tenants of the new home and may also be requested by local authorities in some situations, so you should have this certificate sorted out before you look to move in any new tenants.

The certificates last five years, at which point, you must have the electrical safety of the home assessed once again, even if you had a valid certificate when your current tenant moved in – otherwise, you are breaking important landlord safety regulations.

All of the above services are offered and completed by us here at Complete Solution Services, so if you’re a landlord and are looking to ensure the good quality and safety of your property before renting out, be sure to get in touch with us and see what we can do for you!

We have the level of professionalism and years of experience necessary to ensure that your electrical work is carried out to the highest standard possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for our services!