Do I Need CCTV For My Home?

These days, we all like to do whatever we can to keep our homes as safe and secure as possible, whether that’s installing extra locks, burglar alarms or perhaps one of the more recent products to enter to the home security solutions market, such as a video doorbell.


However, one of the original home security solutions and still one of the most effective is the installation of a CCTV surveillance system within the interior and exterior of your property – something which we offer here at CSS.


Here are just a few reasons why a CCTV surveillance system makes a beneficial addition to the security set-up of any home.


Allows You To Monitor Your Home From Any Location


The days of CCTV being accessible only from a television set-up within your home are gone – with modern CCTV systems, you could have the ability to monitor your home from your mobile phone, wherever else you happen to be.


Being able to monitor your home from any location will allow you peace of mind all day, as you’ll be able to check on the live view from your home CCTV cameras wherever you are and whenever you like. With some modern CCTV systems, you’ll even receive a notification on your mobile phone if there’s movement in an area of the house where nobody is expected to be.


Not only is this fantastic as a home security solution, but you’ll also be able to check on pets, teenaged children at home during the school holidays and even packages that may have been delivered to your home and left outside.


Helps Police To Identify Criminals


In the unfortunate circumstance that the security of your home is breeched by intruders, burglars or vandals, a recording from a home CCTV system is a solid source of evidence to pass onto the relevant authorities – and may even lead to the criminals being identified and apprehended.


None of us want to imagine such a thing ever happening to us or our homes. However, in the rare case that it did, the installation of a home CCTV system may just give you the peace of mind that bringing the culprits to justice could be a faster and far less complicated process than if you were unable to provide any visual evidence at all.


CCTV Acts As A Visual Deterrent


Further from our point above, the overall risk of having your home targeted by criminals is automatically lowered by the clear presence of CCTV cameras around your property.


Even the most seasoned of criminals is far less likely to target a home where there is a clear chance of being easily identified, so visible CCTV cameras on the home exterior are sure to ward off would-be intruders, leaving you far less at risk to potential attacks.


Burglar alarms may work to deter the criminal from continuing any further once they have initially breeched the security of the property, but wouldn’t you much rather prevent them from even attempting to enter your home in the first place?


Installing CCTV May Reduce Your Insurance Costs


Due to the fact that the installation of a CCTV home security system puts you less at risk of being targeted by would-be intruders, burglars or vandals, it may help to lower your insurance costs overall.


In the same way that car insurance could be lowered for new drivers through the installation of a black box, many home insurance providers could see the installation of CCTV home security systems as a sign that you are serious about the safety security of your home. Taking the initiative to add effective extra security measures on your property means that you are less likely to need to claim any money from your insurance company in the future – making you a low-risk customer and reducing the cost of your insurance.


This is one investment that could most certainly pay for itself in the long run! It’s worth getting in touch with your home insurance provider and finding out if the addition of a CCTV system could reduce your insurance costs – you may be able to save yourself a surprising amount of money.


It Will Give You Peace Of Mind


Taking into account that installing a CCTV security system within your home will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, deter criminals, allow you to identify criminals in the unlikely event that your home is targeted and may even save you money on your home insurance, this is certainly an addition to your home that could set your mind at rest in more ways than one.


Of course, you can’t put a price on your peace of mind, just as you can’t put a price on the safety and security of your home and family – however, the price involved with the installation of a home CCTV system may amount to far less than you imagine.


If you’d like any information about the installation of CCTV in and around your home, please feel free to get in touch with Complete Solution Services and ask us about the CCTV installation services that we offer. We’re sure that you’ll be glad you did!